Great Taste Awards 2022

This week we were both proud and humbled to be awarded 2 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food. This takes our total to 34 Great Taste Awards.


Satay Sauce - Vegan - 1 star

This rich amber sauce displays flecks of the ingredients used. The smell is vibrant and exciting. The taste is bright and tangy with real depth of flavour and a lovely peanut finish. The consistency to the mouth is rich and pleasing and feels homemade. We also like the texture, and the peanuts give the sauce.

Deep colour, a glossy aspect, spoonable texture. The aroma is most inviting, the taste and flavour is delightful. This is a beautifully balanced sauce with apt savouriness, sweetness and heat and nicely perceptible flavours of roasted peanut., coriander and the spices. Not in the least drying or cloying, a really well-made Satay style sauce.


Gochujang Korean Chilli Paste - 1 star

This is a lovely rich plum coloured sauce. The aromas of umami, soy and chilli are appealing. The heat levels build in a pleasant way on the palate. We could detect the sweet and sour flavours; we were looking for but liked that they were gentle. We found it had a really very complex and interesting finish, which left us reaching for more.

A lustrous sauce with a well balanced sweetness.


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