About Us

Monica Chia

Nestled among the fruit orchards and vineyards of Kent an old apple store has been repurposed into a thriving family-run factory producing a range of culinary delights.

The Karimix range of relishes, chutneys, curry pastes, marinades, soups, sauces and condiments is inspired to maximize its creative potential with strengths in New Product Development and the creation of imaginative flavour fusions. We cater to both the Retail and Foodservice markets.

The creation of Karimix recipes are greatly influenced by the unique mixed heritage of the owner and chief creator, a Peranakan who originates from Singapore, a melting pot of Far and South-East Asian cultures and fusion cuisine.  But Karimix is not just Asian!  Our North-African inspired pastes and sauces are proving very popular. 

We use the finest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. We don't use any artificial flavours or preservatives. 

Karimix is a UK based independent, BRC accredited food manufacturer. NPD enquiries are welcome.

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